Is the Mobile home park site open all year?

All the sites we operate are open all year.

Can we live there all year?


I have seen a MOBILE HOME I am interested in. What do I do next?

Just click on the home you are interested in and follow the contact details.

What is included in the price?

Everything that is listed on the sales sheet is included unless otherwise stated.

Are there any extras to pay for?

Any extras to be paid will be listed on the park site details page.

What are the site fees?

All details of site fees are shown on the park details page.

What are the costs of the electric, gas and water?

The cost of electric is by meter but works out much cheaper than the UK.

The gas is by gas bottle about £14 and this should last about a fortnight. Water and refuse collection is charged as per park details page.

Is it cheaper to live in Spain than in England?

Much, much cheaper.

Are any other English people living there?

Yes there are quite a large number of English people who live on the site and also English visitors who have their MOBILE HOMES as holiday, retreat or cheap retirement homes.

I cannot speak Spanish, how will I go on?

Most of the people in Spain, on the coast, in the service industries speak English so should not have many problems. Inland areas tend to have less English spoken but is still easy to get by. It does not take long before you pick up the language for those essentials.

Once we have agreed to buy a MOBILE HOME how long will it be before we can move in?

If you are buying a new MOBILE HOME or PARK HOME, the expected delivery date will be told to you at the time of purchase.
If you are buying a re-sale it can sometimes be arranged in literally a few days.

How long can our MOBILE HOME stay on the site in SPAIN.

As long as it is kept in good repair there is no time limit and obviously so long as your payments are made regularly and on time, the site owners will not want to loose good clients.

Will we be able to let out our MOBILE HOME?

Sites do vary on this topic and it is best to check this out prior to purchase. Some parks charge for visitors to your MOBILE HOME, however the aspect of letting out your home can still prove to be a profitable source of income towards your site costs.

What are the advantages of buying a used home?

With a used home the previous owners have transferred it from a unit to a home. The services connections have been done and paid for. Invariably deckings have been constructed at a cost of a few thousand pounds. Storage boxes have usually been bought and washing machines have been plumbed in.
Each individual home that is offered for sale will have listed additional benefits including items like sat. TV, video’s or garden furniture, parasols,barbeques, sun loungers, maybe even down to crockery and utensils etc.etc.
The total cost of all the additional items, that are included, can be quite expensive and will save you a lot of money and time. So you can sit back and relax from day 1 in your new home. There are NO guarantees offered with resale mobile homes.

What are the advantages of buying a new MOBILE HOME or PARK HOME in SPAIN?

You will be exactly what you want, as usually these can be tailored to your exact needs. The extras that you feel necessary will, once again be to your requirements.

There are guarantees which vary by manufacturers and these will be honoured by ourselves.
The time to have your new home on site will take longer but will be exactly what you have chosen to suit you personally.